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I'm Mary Vitorino Eccles, and gardening has always been a big passion of mine. From planting seeds to propagation, nothing beats spending quality time outside with Mother Earth – as long as you have the time.

As an avid gardener, I have always found it quite frustrating and time consuming when it came to planting multiple plants at once, such as cell pack plants, bulbs or seeds. Today, there is a mind-boggling assortment of tools on the market designed solely for the purpose of single planting, but not one for multi-purpose planting – until now.

Introducing, Tazzy®.

I'm a multi-tasked individual, and as a result I wanted Tazzy® to be versatile with as many functions as possible. One must have function was to be able to handle CLAY soil. After testing the Tazzy® works perfectly in clay soli, therefore, will work in most types of soil.

Although Trowels and Dibbles are great tools, they both have one inherent problem in common – they are only equipped to make one hole at a time. More often than not the Trowel makes holes much too big, while the Dibble makes one hole at a time and making them the wrong size. Tazzy® makes 3 simultaneous, perfectly spaced and sized holes, ensuring the ideal fit every time.

Planting and tampering in multiples of 3, also means hands free gardening without all the guesswork, completed 10 times faster than any other tool in the market!

Tazzy® is built to last. Boasting tremendous quality and strength, using only the highest quality materials, Tazzy® is rustproof and specifically designed to stand up to the elements. Its 3 strategically spaced prongs are the ideal distance for planting large vegetables, including beets, carrots and turnips – just to name a few. The depth is deep enough for planting small bulbs and large cell pack plants. Simply press lightly into the soil, or deeper, depending on your desired result. With Tazzy®, you control the depth! Tazzy® is also a terrific tool to use in pots, no matter the shape! You can even be creative and make patterns in the soil, for all of your planting needs!

Everyone loves to have a gorgeous garden, but finding the time to create and maintain one can seem like a daunting task. Digging, weeding, raking and pruning – gardening chores don't have to be back breaking when you have the proper tool and know how to use it.

Tazzy® is that tool.

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